Saturday, April 02, 2005

Phoenix visits and Easter party

On Friday, Phoenix came to visit. After we had caught up on the gossip, we went round to see Steve, as Phoenix had never met him but had heard so much about him through the medium of blog. After meeting him, her opinion was that he is cute. In a neighbour / hamster kind of way.

We thought we had better let Steve get on with his important work, and so we wandered up into Leamington, and lunched in the Lounge. Phoenix had the world's largest ever Salad Nicoise (ordered without eggs - some people are so fussy...) and then we explored the shops and drank coffee and innocent fruit drink in Starbucks. Unfortunately, Phoenix then had to leave to collect Pete who apparently gets distressed if he's not rescued from Solihull at five o'clock on the dot. Who can blame him?

On Friday night, John and I went to Gav's house for some kind of Easter and Verity's birthday extravaganza. We didn't stay long as we were both feeling very tired (see this week's previous posts). While we were there we painted eggs and admired Gav's new Mac mini which is very fancy and has made John want one even more. We were also given several hundred cornflake crispies to take home. We went home at 10pm (shocking!) and watched CSI under the duvet for the rest of the night.


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