Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sometimes I scare myself...

...I really do. And not when I look in the mirror, Steve! Last night, John and I joined neighbour Steve for a canal house social of food and drink, as is turning into a delightful Friday night traditition.

After some good food and beers in King Babba we headed over to the Jug. The scene was set when John came back from the bar with two bottles of wine between three of us to 'save time'. As we drank several other people, including Gav, Paul and Ian came along to join the socialivity. There was talking, there was drinking, there was fighting (well, slapping) more drinking, and I think the three of us got through around six or seven bottles of wine.

The sensible thing to do at Jug chucking out time would be to go home and go to bed, but no - I got it into my head that I really wanted to go to Club Silx (formerly Options), and Paul agreed to come with me. I remember entering Silx, I remember buying drinks, and I remember the Mirage medley of doom being played, but I don't remember anything else - I don't remember leaving, coming home, going to bed or how I obtained a Club Silx t-shirt. Maybe the contents of this photo have something to do with my loss of memory:


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