Monday, April 18, 2005

Spirals: Scarier than you might think

On Saturday I wasn't feeling my best due to excessive alcohol intake on Friday night, but I did manage to arrange lunch with Laura. After taking around 3 hours to get dressed (see above) and 4 hours to walk up the parade (see crane disassembling story), John and I finally met Laura in Moo only 40 minutes late.

We had some tasty burgers and chips and then wandered around the shops before going to Choices to select some films to keep us out of trouble that night. We selected two Japanese films (aren't we intellectual) and "Ripley's Game" and wandered home.

Just as we had settled down to watch Uzumaki, we received a phone call from Dave Bradshaw who happened to be in the area. John invited him round to see our house and have a catch up. After tales of his jet setting high-life, Dave left at around 11 and we finally got round to watching Uzumaki, which was about killer spirals and was a little bizarre.


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