Sunday, May 29, 2005

The 5th Annual Eurovision Drinking Party

Every May, John and I invite our friends around to our house to help us celebrate the carnival of freakery that is the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, we had to use Revolutionary Time Shifting TechnologyTM to watch the event as Suzanne's birthday celebrations fell on Eurovision Saturday.

Our Eurovision Party is famous in five continents, and as usual we had delicious* European food and drink, although John put his foot down about the amount of spirits being drunk after last year's drunken alcofest. There were some excellent songs, with Moldova, Norway and Switzerland being personal favourites, and also some right rubbish (Latvia, I'm looking in your direction...)

As we followed standard drinking rules everyone was merrily drunk by the time the program finished, which led to much Singstar, some attempted breakdancing, being attacked by a glove puppet, John grinning lots and getting to bed at about 5am. It also led to me feeling a little under the weather today. Good thing I didn't pick Greece.

*Except the Norweigen cheese, the Halloumi, the rare Croaski Vodka and the Brandy which nearly made me sick.


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