Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Friday - curry and much beer

With John off gallivanting in Birmingham for Mike's stag night I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find entertainment on Friday night. I looked next door and found Steve wanting to have a Happy Friday and get drunk, so that's what we did.

Firstly, we went to King Baba's, the world's gayest curry house, where Steve got chatted up by three waiters. How I laughed. After that we went to the Jug for one drink and a quick play of the piano (Steve does a good 'Last of the Summer Wine' and I practiced my scales) and then onto the Lounge where we met several of Steve's student friends, including David Kelly and Lovely Helen. As usual, Steve disgraced himself by slapping me around the head in front of civilized people. When will he learn?

The students kept asking why we were referring to David Kelly as Dr David Kelly, and couldn't understand why we were trying to get him to come to the Well by telling him we had seen Weapons of Mass Destruction there. Don't these people watch the news? They were also quite poor excuses for students as they had to leave at 11 to revise for exams on Monday. Monday! After I had stopped laughing at the fact they had to do exams, I told them that in my day we used to go to exams still drunk and revise on the bus. It isn't that far from the truth.

So Steve and I wandered down to the Well and drank some more. By this point I could barely see, but we played European Football Top Trumps on the quiz machine, drank some more, stayed after hours because we told the bouncers we were with Larry (who's Larry?) and drank some more. After that its very, very blurry, and I don't really remember walking home, but at some point I tidied the bedroom and put away the washing. I woke up to find mud all over the bed covers, so I think I went to bed in my shoes. Either that or I was mud wrestling at some point - who knows?


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