Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Saturday with Stefan: Part 2

On Saturday night , smooth neighbour Steve talked me into drinking with him with his line of "If you come out with me tonight I'll let you dye my hair". Hey, it worked, he should try it on other females.

We started off in the Jug at around eight thirty, and by quarter past nine we had managed to drink two bottles of white wine between us and the evening was going downhill quickly. Somehow I was tricked into going to the Well (hypnotism, I think) and on the way there bumped into Suzanne, Tracy and their lady teacher friends heading to the Lounge and had a little chitchat.

The Well was full of the usual people and alcohol, and Steve got annoyed because the woman he was trying to pull preferred me. To be fair, she only gave me a peck on the cheek, but in little Steve's head it was some big snog with tongues and all. To make amends for his disappointment I promised he could film us (not a binding contract) and we had some more drinks. After some further drinks we wandered downstairs and saw someone dressed as a pirate, went upstairs had more drinks and sang 'Buttercup'. After more drinks, Steve said I was a professional neighbour and I saw some interesting graffiti.

There was the standard Well lock in, I generously bought Steve a Vodka Twister that he was very ungrateful for, and we left around 2.30am. I really should really have gone straight to bed, but saw fit to stay up, watch a film about China and blog about ducks.


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