Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where've your trophies gone?

On Saturday, the FA Cup was on TV, with Arsenal and some American owned whinging cry babies taking part. In order to celebrate the fact that there is still some football on the BBC, me John, Ajay and Iciar accepted Tom and Abbi's hospitality (and beer) and watched the match round their house with their over excitable dog.

Following my football team supporting hierarchy (first City, then Rochdale, then whoever United are playing) I had no choice but to support Arsenal. To be honest, the majority of the match was a little boring, but it livened up no end when the penalties started and I am pleased to say the correct team won in the end. Good thing really since if United had won then Malcolm Glazer would have had the FA cup over the Atlantic and sold as an ashtray or something.

Anyway, my favourite part of the afternoon was the bit where Cristiano Ronaldo cried. Its becoming an annual event and it always makes me laugh.


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