Friday, June 03, 2005

The Big Brother Argument Game

After arriving home at around 2am last night, John and I invented the Big Brother Argument GameTM as a tribute to those freaks and weirdos in BB at the minute. The object of the game are to turn anything anyone is saying into an argument. We didn't really figure out how to win, but I think the last person to start laughing is the winner.

As an illustration here are some possible manouvers to take when discussing apples.

Comment 1: "I like apples"
Model response: "Why do I care if you like apples or not. You can't bear not being the centre of attention can you? Its all me, me, me with you. Well I like oranges and do you hear me talking about it all the time?"

Comment 2: "I don't like apples"
Model response: "I can't believe you're telling me you don't like apples, well I like apples, and if I want to talk about apples I'll talk about apples, no one tells me what I can and can't talk about..."

Comment 3: "Would you like to share this apple?"
Model response: "I can't believe you're playing up to the camera by offering me apples. You're so fake, why don't you just act yourself and eat the whole apple yourself? Everyone knows how selfish you are anyway..."

Why not play it yourself? Its lots of fun, especially after several bottles of beer.


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