Friday, June 17, 2005

Don't worry little Stefan...

I'm fine. Just very very very very busy.

I came to realise that four week holidays don't pay for themselves and I decided to take on a little extra-curricular marking activity to fund our trip to the USA this summer.

All in all I signed up to do: 150 papers marking for OCR, 350 papers marking for AQA, 50 hours of online marking for Edexcel, 400 pieces of coursework marking for Edexcel and moderate 11 schools worth of portfolios for OCR. And mark another 50 exams for OCR when they asked me nicely (and offered me £300).

It all seemed like a good idea when I added up the potential earnings and signed the contracts, but it turns out its quite a lot of work... Good thing my full time job isn't really a full time job.

Normal Debbie service will resume in around two weeks time.


Blogger canolc said...

C'mon Debbie we're waiting for the alternative version of John's life.

11:37 PM


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