Friday, June 03, 2005

Thursday night drinking - I've missed you

Last night Tom was in town, which is a novelty for a Thursday these days, so John organised a night out. It turned out being just me, John and Tom, although we did see Tracy and friends in Voodoo, because others were busy eating puddings (hi Gary!) or such and such.

We wandered up to Voodoo and made our way to Mirage via Satchwells and the Lounge. When we got to Mirage we made use of my Leamington connections to skip the queue and get in free. It made us feel special.

As usual we drank too much £1 beer in Mirage and my recollection of the evening is slightly blurry. But I do remember...
  • Insisting we stay in Mirage until the Medley of Doom was played
  • John and I attempting to record the Medley of Doom on our phones
  • John posing with some skimpily dressed members of Warwickshire Police (drinking in Mirage, not fighting crime)
  • Buying a kebab from Tarsus/Tarkos on the way home and finding out why it changed its name. Something to do with an uncle and someone's initials I believe
  • Watching Big Brother when we got in
  • Inventing and playing the Big Brother Argument Game


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