Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cola Confusion

John and I just went out for a yummy Mexican dinner in Great Barrington, MA. If you look this place up on a map you'll see its right next door to the middle of nowhere - but very scenic. Anyway, on our way back to our motel we stopped at a Gas Station for a soda (I speak fluent American). I quite wanted a Vanilla diet coke so I headed for the coke fridge. I found:
  1. Regular Coke
  2. Diet Coke
  3. Cherry Coke
  4. Diet Coke with Lime
  5. Diet Coke with Lemon
  6. Diet Coke Zero (no calories)
  7. Coca Cola C2 (half sugar)
  8. Diet Coke with Splenda
  9. Caffeine Free Coke
  10. Regular Coke with Vanilla
Thats ten - TEN - types of coke, but no diet coke with vanilla. This country, its backwards I tell you. I bought Coca Cola C2 to try it out. Report coming soon.


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