Sunday, July 17, 2005

While the cat's away...

I expected that while John and I are away, all our friends and neighbours would be sat at home, crying and saying "Oh, when will John and Debbie be home? My life is so boring and meaningless without them..."

Well, it seems nothing could be further from the truth, and while we have been away, there has been nothing but exciement:
  • Hair straighteners almost burning down our house (I'm sure I unplugged them...)
  • Our precious car being used to gallivant all over the country
  • A house in our block (hopefully not ours) being put up for sale
  • Laura turning our house into some kind of aviary
  • The house-sitter and the neighbour finally bonding over a chaffinch in the conservatory (how cute)
And we still have another three weeks of holiday. I'm a little scared to think what we will be returning to on August 7th.


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