Sunday, November 13, 2005

Happy happy Friday

Its been a while since we had a happy Friday in Leamington. Last week we did take happy Friday on tour to Colchester, but it wasn't quite the same - mainly because the pub shut at 11 and we didn't want to be too hungover for Leamington's big game on the Saturday.

Anyhow, happy Fridays are arranged in the sauna or jacuzzi at Regency Health club these days, and Steve joined me on Friday afternoon to make the executive decision to go for a curry and then for a few sociable glasses of wine. John and co had been boozing all afternoon, so me, MC and Steve made a detour to TJs to drink some cocktails to catch up.

We met up with John, Gary and PFH in Millenniyummy, and had some nice tasting food before adjourning to the jug where we got the wines in and sat in the corner. We had much fun taking phone photos, pulling faces and giggling about nothing in particular. At some point Gary and MC left, but its all a bit blurry after then, probably due to the several gallons of wine inside me. It was all OK as I got home safely and managed to get to the pool in the morning, unlike someone...


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