Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leamington v Solihull Borough: The Truth

As there are several (incorrect) versions of this match report knocking around, I thought I'd let this blog live up to its name and speak only the truth.

I work on Tuesday evenings, so normally don't get to attend midweek Leamington games, but this week I thought I'd make an effort to go for half time. It was very, very, very cold and wet when I turned up on Tuesday night, but that was really no excuse for John and Steve to be stood under the covered stand instead of in our usual spot. I can't believe this is how they behave when I'm not there to sort them out...

When I arrived, Leamington were losing 1-0. I know this because the scoreboard said 0-1 and John said we were going to get knocked out of two cups in a week. Anyhow, Leon Morgan scored to bring it to 1-1. I know this because I saw it, and I know it was in the second half because I wasn't there in the first half.

At this point there were discussions about extra time/replays. No one seemed to know, but since the teams carried on playing, we assumed extra time it was. In the first half of extra time, Kristian Kelsall seemed to accidentally score for Leamington as the ball got in the way as he ran into the goal. We were all happy, but then some Solihull bozo equalised.

Just as we were discussing penalties and and the chance of frostbite, and with the scoreboard showing 0 minutes to go, Jon Adams (not Josh Blake) scored to make it 3-2 to Leamington, save us all from pneumonia and send Leamington into the quarter finals of the Birmingham Senior Cup. Hurray!


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