Sunday, January 15, 2006

Muppet show tonight

We have been watching 'Celebrity' Big Brother this week, and have been amazed that they have a muppet in the house. Its not even Kermit or Miss Piggy either, its one of the lesser known muppets, Janice. Well, I suppose the star muppets were on series one.

Oh, wait, it isn't Janice, its Pete Burns. But I'm sure you understand why we were confused.


I wonder if they may perhaps be related.


Anonymous Glasgow Scotland said...

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muppets rule

1:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh, That is freakishly similar

11:32 AM

Anonymous canolc said...

Boots on the other foot now.

I say to john, get Debbie typing her blog and she types. So it must be me who is spellbinding you two, not the otherway round. I'm off to dig a smiley face in 10B this Easter though.

4:06 PM


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