Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Tom!

On Saturday night, John, Steve, Paul, Gaz, MC and myself wandered up to Tom and Abbi's house to enjoy their hospitality and alcohol as it was Tom's 29th birthday. We met JV and Suzanne in the Star and Garter on the way, and stopped off once more in the Coventry Arms (where I've never been before) for another swift drink and a look at a scary dog, and we arrived at the party at around 10ish.

While John showed off his singing skills I had a catch up with several people, sampled some scary looking drink (what on earth was in that cough syrup stuff?), tried to set Steve up with pretty ladies (he was doing well!) and played with the dog. I was having a great time until about 1am when I suddenly felt a little queasy* and thought it would be best if I went home.**

The most amazing thing of the evening (apart from me getting hammered on two gins and half a glass of wine) was that Steve was actually nice to me! Whatever next? I think that's his quota met for the next two years, so I'd better prepare myself for the usual meanness and slapping for the foreseeable future.

*Sorry Tom and Abbi for being sick on your wall. Sorry Tom and Abbi's neighbours for being sick in your garden. Sorry Steve for not stealing the bricks.

**Thank you John and Steve for getting me home and cheering me up.


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