Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy O'Friday

Last night was St Patrick's night. It was also Friday which meant it was Happy Friday.

In the great Happy Friday tradition, John, Steve, Gary and myself went for a curry and then drinking. This week's curry house of choice was the new one on High Street who's name escapes me. The food was very nice, but if you go be warned: they don't serve alcohol. They are happy for you to go to Costcutter and buy beer though, so its all OK. While eating we discussed the finer points of Wonderwoman, straightjackets and housebuying.

After our food, Paul and Rich joined us and we went to the Pig and Fiddle. It was very crowded for some reason, can't imagine why. We then went on to the Bowling Green (hip and street) and then to the Jug via the Townhouse, where Rich left us. In the Jug, Steve got a kiss off a barmaid (the Lynx effect) who stole his guinness hat, and was unable to speak for the next two hours. It was lovely and peaceful. He also went scarily bright red and very hot.

At about 12.30 we called it a day. Well, we were forced to since the Jug threw us out, and went home neatly avoiding a big fight which appeared to be taking place at the juction of High Street and Clements Street. I wanted to watch but I was just too cold and drunk.


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