Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shocking refereeing part 8

John, Steve and myself travelled all the way to Westfields today to watch Leamington play the bottom team in the Midland Alliance. If you don't know where Westfields is you are very lucky you have never had to go there. Its right in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Herefordshire. And its very cold.

Now, Leamington have had some very dodgy refs this season. These include, but are not limited to matches against:
  • Stourbridge: shocking.
  • Stratford: awful.
  • Coalville in the league cup: terrible. Lino more interested in asking people if they watched Match of the Day than watching the game.
  • Malvern: worst up to that point. Pretty sure he only passed ref school because he knew what shape the ball was.
However, today's ref was worse than any of those, but despite his best efforts Leamington were 2-0 up at half time. In the second half it all went wrong, partly because Leamington forgot how to play football, but mainly because they were playing against 11 players and and a ref. And two linos. They ended up losing 3-2, due to a dodgy corner decision and a very very very dodgy penalty decision. Oh, and then to cap it all he sent off one of our players (probably deserved, but still...) And then he had the nerve to finish the game early to prevent our inevitable comeback.

John reckons it's all a scam by the Midland Alliance to keep Leamington in their league. Seems likely - surely all the refs can't be this bad by accident?


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