Monday, March 27, 2006

Trip to the home of the Sugary God

After not drinking alcohol for six days, Friday came around and the decision was taken to go to the home of the Sugary God - Ruby Chinese on Park Street - and to have a 'chilled out not drinking too much Happy Friday'. We were delayed a while as John had got sidetracked in the Wheatsheaf, but once he returned home we headed out and were feeding our faces in no time.

The three of us shared half a crispy duck for starter (yum!) and then we had some very yum food for main and I even managed to talk Steve out of fried rice and into boiled rice (so healthy...). We extended the heathy eating theme into a mere two bottles of Tsingtao beer each (John only had one!) and a fortune cookie instead of pudding. Unfortunately, the Sugary God did not show this time, but I am sure he had not deserted us... He will be back...

After our feast we strolled to Wildes, decided it was too crowded and there were not enough foxy ladies for Steve to drool over and so wandered back to the Jug where we did the usual drinking of beer for John and White Wine for me and Steve. John only lasted one pint before being sleepy and having to go home, but me and Steve stayed out for a little more wine and for him to take dodgy photos of a student girl's jeans and turn bright red again.

I was very well behaved, didn't drink too much and even managed to walk home in a straight line without being sick. Yay me!


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Who is Sugary-God?

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