Friday, April 21, 2006

Broken neighbour

On Wednesday I had made plans to go to the Well with Steve to watch the Arsenal match. We didn't quite make it since at about 7.30 he left a message on my phone saying he was at Warwick A&E with a sore foot. Being the kind and thoughtful neighbour that I am, I thought I'd pop over to the hospital, see how he was doing, point and laugh, go to Tesco to get a bit of food in before returning to the hospital and driving him home if needed.

Luckily, I've never had the need to go to Warwick Hospital before, and the first thing I noticed was that you had to pay to park! At a hospital! What kind of money sucking vampires are they? Still, up to 15 minutes was free, so I assumed all I'd have to do would be nip in, ask for Mr Wharton, show concern, point and laugh and be away and shopping in 6 minutes, 8 max. Oh no, first they couldn't find him, then they sent me to the Children's Ward, then they told me he 'might have left' then they found him. 35 minutes!

Steve didn't look too happy to see me - probably because he was trying to chat up a female doctor and said I was going to 'cramp his style'. Charming. I repaid him by taking a flattering picture of him in his wheelchair:

Steve: injured

Anyhow, Johno had turned up and shown some concern for a few minutes before pointing and laughing and then there was some discussion over cars, keys and bags. It turned out Steve had broken his ankle, and so Johno drove Steve's car home while I waited around while the (male) nurse plastered him up and gave him some crutches. Once hoppy Steve was allowed to leave I paid to get the car out of the car park - £3! - and somehow got back to Canal House before Johno, even though we left about an hour later.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Monday!

After the football, I decided I was hungry. I checked the cupboards and found them bare. I then made plans to go to Somerfield, but it turned out it shut early because of Bank Holiday Monday.

Whats a person to do? Well, one answer is to go to Pizza Express, kindly accompanied by the next door neighbour, little Stefan. After a quick shower/change, Steve buzzed me at 7pm on the dot and we decided to go to the Lounge for an aperatif or cocktail or some such. The Lounge was shut, so we ended up in Satchwells drinking Tyskie beer on empty tummies.

Mmmm Tyskie beer

We then strolled down the Parade to Pizza Express where we stuffed our faces with doughballs, pizza, chocolate cake and wine and then moved on to the Jug where we drank more wine and discussed something to do with Easter, Jesus, the Third Testament and Steve suggested people should worship him. Right. I was feeling a little queasy at this point, which I think was due to the cake, not the wine, and so I suggested it was probably time to call it a night.

Leamington 3 Westfields 0

On Monday morning, John and I set off from Wales at the crack of dawn (ish) to make sure he was in good time for his flight to go on holiday a very important business trip to Washington. Since John was swanning off, I made arrangements to go and watch Leamington play Westfields with Neighbour Steve.

It was a very entertaining game which had something for everyone, including two excellent goals by Leamington, and high comedy own goal, a saved penalty by the Leamington keeper and the Westfields defence arguing a lot - and I mean a lot. At one point I thought they were going to have a punch up Newcastle United style.

All in all, a fair result, although I was a little scared when it was 2-0 at half time and the North Bank sang "We're gonna lose 3-2". Luckily that didn't happen (this time) and the song became "5-3 on aggregate" at the end of the match.